Levelnew buildingnew itemnew decorationyou get
76+ glass blower’s workshop– glass– statue of a blacksmith2x fur
1x venomed axe
1x protection scroll
77/– mother-of-pearl– the lover’s umbrella1x mushroom soup
1x silver bracelet
1x living shield
1x thunder bow
78/– mirror
– cane
– alpine hill1x honey cake
1x broadcloth
1x fire sword
79/– panpipe– autumn tree1x strawberry cake
1x broadcloth hat
1x gems
1x drum
80/– glass vessel– gifts of autumn1x mirror
1x glass
1x thunder bow
10x crystals
81– carver’s workshop– comb– trojan warrior1x fur
1x softwood
1x venomed axe
82/– jewelry box– weapon rack1x dried fruits
1x gems
1x glass vessel
10x crystals
83//– pumpkin bed1x cherry juice
1x feathers
1x fish steak
1x fur coat
1x fire sword
84/– beads– merry toadstool1x hard wood
2x grilled sausages
1x harp
2x protection scroll
85– engineer’s workshop– compass
– brush
– hayloft1x hat
15x crystals
86/– cloudberry– catwalk1x baked potato
1x BBQ
1x brush
20x crystals
87//– crown1x hat with feathers
1x cape with feathers
1x lotion
1x compass
20x crystals
88/– lantern
– water lily
– target board1x steak
1x protection scroll
20x crystals
89/– spyglass– banner of war2x water lily
1x meat soup
2x charcoal
20x crystals
90– hourglass
– ladle
– monument to a warrior1x spyglass
2x venomed axe
50x crystals