ItemLevelWhat’s needed?Time
lucky spear281x spear
1x magic chip
living shield291x shield
1x amulet of earth
thunder bow301x bow
1x amulet of wind
venomed axe?1x copper axe
1x amulet of water
fire sword341x iron sword
1x amulet of fire


1.28420x stone
15x granite
8x saw
8x trowel
19 8003d


Upgrade1 star2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars
1 need1x drawing
1 get+5% of experience for manufacturing of goods
2 need3x drawing
2 get+10% of production speed
3 need4x drawing
3 getno workers needed for production in the first slot
4 need6x drawing
4 getupon receipt of experience for manufacturing good, 10% of it is issued in gold